Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My little frog prince

Joshua is getting a lot more active. We have to buckle him into his seats now because he's starting to sit up and scoot and twist. Once he starts going I just know he will be hard to catch.

I love when he bends his legs like this - Like a little frog :)

Happy boy!

To me he looks a lot like his Uncle Jesse's baby pictures in this picture

It's getting so hot here so he's been sportin' only onesies.
It's so fun to see his chunky legs and little feet.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Beware of Spiders

It is common knowledge that when a certain movie called, "Arachnaphobia", is watched that the fear of spiders is certain to follow. This fear is not understood by my normally-understanding husband who makes light of it and even threatens to bring spiders that he captures near me.
Obviously he has never seen "Arachnaphobia".
This is a relevant fact, because while I was gathering my things together to go to work, I happened to glance down and see a humongous animal-like spider sitting casually in a gift bag that I sometimes use to carry Joshua's toys. For a split second I thought that it couldn’t be real and Tim must be playing a cruel joke on me. Oh no...it was real. The pictures don’t do it justice because his legs were all scrunched up and I wasn't going to get any closer – with legs extended he was probably the size of my palm.
I calmly held the bag at arms length and carried the creature outside where I was going to take another picture. However, due to the loud rustling inside the bag I thought it best not to sport with it and threw the bag near some bushes and proceeded to do the heeby jeeby dance as soon as I was safely back inside (To Joshua's great amuzement...or confusion - I'm not quite sure which). I told Tim that he will be spraying and he was surprised of how big the spider actually was - which gives me a small satisfaction that I, Rebecca Skaggs, got rid of it.
Here is the culprit:

Why didn't I kill it?
- I thought about it but then I imagined the crunch and cringed.
Why didn't I vacuum it up?
- Only my friend, Marilyn, could be so level-headed in such a moment.
Why didn't I capture it?
- Are you insane?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This week...

I am never going to get tired of this smile - and this is while I'm at work too.
Who can be sad when looking at such a face? Nadie that's who.
Joshua's looking at my manager who came in to get her baby fix like
so many other women do here while I'm working. Can you tell that he likes the attention.
What a sweet look - melts the heart.
This is my co-worker Cathie who saw this safari outfit and said - "That's Joshua!" and brought it in to work for him yesterday. I just love the hat! He's ready for the Wild Animal Park.

Worn out after a long day's work. Tim said that Joshua looks like a safari tour guide who never leaves the jeep. I love the rolls and the double chin!

Yesterday we had a birthday bash for my dad at Spencer's house with the fam. So much fun! There was swimming, great food, amazing cake and even better company.
Happy Birthday Papa Bear!
Grandma Plumb and her boy. I Spy a cute pregnant lady can you?
Perfect timing Emily!

Howdy folks! Joshua loves his grandma.

I love this man!

Emily sharing cake with Lara
Cute couple!

I'm such a lucky aunt to have such adorable nieces and nephews.
Didn't I say the cake was amazing?
(This picture doesn't even show all the chocolate on her belly)

Ashlyn making Joshua laugh. It's so much fun to see him interact more and more.
All his cousins wanted a picture with the baby.

Sarah and Joshua
Melanie was so tired but she couldn't pass up the opportunity to hold Joshua.

The grand kids (minus 6) with Grandpa

Our family.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Life is good

You know you're a healthy, growing boy if you have rolls in the back of your head. It's hard to get a picture of this awesome phenomenon but here's just a peek of some of the extra skin Joshua has.
I met my sister Emily for lunch one day at a park . It's so fun having family close by.

My work has an "Infant at Work" program and so I get to bring Joshua to work with me until he's 6 months. Everyone loves to see him and the office morale is definitely up since he's been there.
Tim's family came for a fun visit and I got this cute picture of Joshua with his grandma.
We all went to Phil's BBQ. If you haven't been you've got to go and you'll see why...
(If you're a vegetarian, you might want to avert your eyes.)
Gotta love the sauce on the cheek.
To illustrate the goodness of Phil's I'm posting this embarrassing picture of me. Everything is unbelievably good there, I couldn't get enough. When you do go, don't make the mistake I did of wearing a white shirt.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! I love this picture with Tim and his Dad and Joshua.
What wonderful fathers!

Precious baby.
On Saturday we got to drive to Orange County for my sister-in-law Kristen's baby shower. She's having a little girl in September, the same month Emily's due with her little boy.
It's a great year for babies!