Sunday, August 22, 2010

Family in Town

I'm so glad that my brother Will and his family moved from Buffalo, NY to St. George, UT. Now we see them much more often and I get such great this:

Will and Eli - What studs

and this:
What cute little nieces I have, no?

and this:Is Eric bowing to the camera Samurai style?

and finally this:
My favorite part of this picture is Spencer.
It's so fun when we all get together.

Some fun pictures of Joshua

I finally printed out some pictures of Joshua and put them in an album. I thought that one album would be good for his entire year. Yeah...this album is almost full and he's not even 6 months yet. hmmm....I guess we'll have more than one baby book for this little guy...
Momma loves Joshua kisses - oh so slobbery.

We went on a train ride tour in Julian. Joshua loved it.

The kids got to ride a horse around in a circle.
Joshua wasn't a fan.
Kim came down with Tim's mom and siblings for a fun visit. Kim brought her two little boys. Her baby Carson was born just 2 months after Joshua - it's great having cousins the same age.
Visiting the Smith's ranch in Julian. It is so beautiful up there. We even got to see some deer.

We all went to the beach and you'd think that in August it would be warm and beautiful. Unfortunately, it was cloudy and the water was a freezing 62 degrees and so all thoughts of swimming with Joshua were abandoned.
He liked putting his feet in the sand though.

Pictures with cousins - Riley and Carson:

Joshua was very fascinated with this new baby in the house.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Peachy Keen...

Our peaches are ripe and oh so delicious. So I made a pie some jam and a few cobblers that were also oh so delicious! I want to give credit to my friend Diana who, when I mentioned that I was in the mood to make pie a while back, she said that she would teach me the art of peach pie baking when our peaches were ripe. Man does she have skill!
If you look closely you can see a smiley face...that was my contribution :)

Joshua fell asleep in his car seat like that. When I first saw him I thought, "Oh, poor baby" but then I tried to put his head back and he wouldn't go back. Apparently this is comfortable. Hopefully babies don't get kinks in their necks.

Joshua has discovered his feet.

I was in the kitchen thinking that they were outside because it was so quiet...

He is getting so big!