Friday, February 18, 2011

Our boy is crawling!

He's on the move...
...and loves it!

A lot!
Tim's mom, sister, and brothers came for a visit.
We went to Old Town for the celebration of the Mormon Batallion, visited with grandpa and grandma and Tim's great uncle and aunt. We ended the day with an intense game of Settlers of Catan. To ease tension, I made delicious cookies.
We've had some pretty amazing weather for the last 2 months. In January, we went to the beach at beautiful La Jolla. Joshua got his first taste of sand. And liked it so much he kept wanting more and more.
Kim, Ben, Riley, and Carson came to down for a visit.
Carson and Joshua share the common interest of eating anything and everything in sight.
After the beach we ate some yummy Mexican food at my favorite place in Old Town: Casa Guadalajara. good
We got to stop by the temple on the way home. Gorgeous!
Ben's brother got married and we went to Julian for the reception. Joshua was really excited about the pie. (We didn't actually give him that bite but Tim did let him taste a little whipped cream which he loved. This boy doesn't know what he's missing! One more month and he gets cake)
I snuck in and took this picture of Joshua sleeping.
Wearing a hat lasted about as long as it took to take this picture.
I took Joshua outside to take some fun pictures.