Monday, August 1, 2011

Kick kick kick...

Goes Joshua's little brother!

So I've been meaning to update my blog for quite a while now and the guilt has just been growing as my due date gets closer and closer. How far along are you? You ask? Well, let's just say that I am due 3 days before Thanksgiving so, yeah... I'm more than half-way there. He and Joshua will be 20 months apart so expect me to be a little crazy for the next year and a half or so. Some reactions I've gotten to my news:

"Oh yay! Joshua will have a little buddy!"

"Whoa! You and Tim are really asking for it!"

"That'll keep you busy!"

These pretty much sum up how I feel as well. I'm really excited but then when I have to chase Joshua around because he just stuck something in his mouth or he's twisting just as I'm changing his diaper, then I feel the impact of doing that with a little baby. Something cute that reassured me happened while I was in the nursery at church and there was a little baby doll on the floor and Joshua picked it up and cuddled it and patted it on its back. I'm just glad he didn't lift the doll by the foot and swing it up over his head. I probably would have lost it.

So that's our fun news and I'll post pictures of some summer adventures the next time...


  1. Too Cute! Joshua will be a great older brother! Two can't be that bad!

  2. You'll do fabulous with two cute boys Becca dearest! And people will say all kinds of things to you; I don't think I ever go to the store with my kids without someone saying "wow, you've really got your hands full." Verbatim. Every time. Life will be a little crazy at first but the spacing is great, they will be good friends and will entertain each other (and get it to trouble together) when #3 arrives :)

  3. I still can't believe you're due so soon...lucky gal! I'd still love to see you during Labor Day if you guys are going to be available. Lemme know!

  4. Say what!?!?!? Another baby!??! Yay! (ok, that was a lot of exclamation points) So excited for you guys. Life with two is definitely different, but they are going to be so close in age which will make them little buddies. Woohoo for you and Tim!

    And by the way, I got your birthday email. Thanks so much for thinking of me :)